Mid-year wrap-up — Part 1

It was just over a year ago when I made a command decision. I had one completed MS and the basic outline for another four or five MSs rattling through my brain. I had recently resigned from my corporate, sixty to seventy hours a week, soul-sucking job and was taking some time out. “What do you want to do next?” … Read More

How to lose characters and improve people

Time has been pretty tight this week.  My husband and I are planning a big overseas move and everything is happening at once.  In spite of my best intentions, I’ve had to let the blog lapse this week.  Every time I feel guilty, I remind myself it’s the blog or the MS. Because I am working on the MS.  I’m … Read More

The journey so far – part 2: how to interpret agent feedback

Sometime around November / December 2013, I looked at my MS and came to the decision that it was about as ready as I could possibly make it (without bringing in the professionals).  The question was: a) whether to seek that professional help straight away; or b) test the waters by querying some agents.  If they rejected me based on … Read More

The journey so far – part 1

Since the intention of this blog is to document my hopeful journey to publication, I’m going to start with a bit of background.  This is just in case I happen to receive a publishing offer tomorrow (in my dreams – la la la) and you think: Wow, that was fast!  How easy was that? When I left high school – … Read More