Books Read 2014 Part 2 — Favourite Reads and More!

This post is coming later than planned — are we really two weeks into the new year? As promised, here are my favourite reads of 2014 (youngest age category to oldest): Middle Grade Savvy  by Ingrid Law: Savvy was the stand-out MG read for me last year. It traipsed between real-world and magical, dropping the odd marvelous word such as … Read More

Pitchwars — Hello, welcome to my humble abode

Well hello there, come inside. You’ll see the place is quite new and I’m not used to visitors. But don’t let that put you off. Let’s get to know each other. How about an ice-breaker? Okay, I’m going to share a story. An embarrassing one. When I was sixteen and a senior in high school, the afternoon bus stopped outside … Read More

My big YA love: Chime by Franny Billingsley

It’s been a while since I posted — yes, all due to the house sale of death. I would try to swear you and I into never speaking of it again, but I know I won’t keep my end of the bargain. Especially since we’re about to order passports for all the family members.  Things are finally getting exciting… With … Read More

First Kids and YA Festival (and a small taste of success!)

Yesterday I attended my first Kids and YA festival at the NSW Writers Centre.  It was my fourth festival overall, but there’s something really exciting about attending a festival that specifically caters to the age group for which you write.  Like all other festivals preceding it, there’s an atmosphere which is difficult to describe.  I imagine it as a beehive’s … Read More