Alison Whipp
Hi, thanks for visiting. I’m Alison, an Australian-born, UK-dwelling writer of Young Adult (YA) and Middle Grade (MG) books. I have a love for adventure (satisfied daily and free of charge by my kids – bargain!), travel, and of course, reading and writing. Ahh.
Here are a few extra bits and pieces:
  • I wrote my first book at age eight. It was a stapled together, (badly) illustrated piece called “Lee-ee-ah the jungle girl”. It was Lee-ee-ah because that’s what I imagined she would yodel (Tarzan-style) as she swung from vine to vine. Highly original stuff.
  • I’m part of an international family. My husband is Welsh, our son was born in England, and our two daughters were born in Australia. Now we live just outside of London, in a tiny picturesque village that would sit well in an Agatha Christie murder mystery.
  • I write in the early mornings, and late at night – basically squeezing what I can between my day job (company due diligence / data protection) and family life.

  • I’m all about the little things. The sweetest thing in life is a quiet cup of tea, something good to read, and a piece of cake.
  • On that last note, I love to bake. My absolute favourite is lemon meringue pie.
  • I’m a water-baby. I was lucky enough to grow up beside a lake, and since then I’ve always gravitated toward places near beaches or rivers. A family friend recently introduced us to swimming in the Thames. We’ve been warned not to swallow the water though…
  • My secret talent is: pop trivia! If you need someone on your team who can name the year Tomb Raider (the game) was released, or sing the next line in All The Single Ladies, I’m your girl. A shout –out to my kids, especially my middle daughter, who keep me current 
  • I’m an optimist. In writing, I love to explore the darker elements of humanity, but I’m always swimming toward the light.