Cam & Sticks (YA)

Chapter one of Cam and Sticks was named a winner of the 2015 Freshly Squeezed Reads C1Blitz.
Sixteen-year-old Cameron Cricks may see the world differently to most people, but with the passion levels of a supernova, and the skills to whip up a chef’s hat quality meal, he’s hot property amongst his peers. Stephanie “Sticks” Cricks is an expert in crisis-managing her big brother’s relationships, but it’s about time she let him learn from his own mistakes and took a few romantic risks of her own.

A Less than Perfect Transformation (YA)

Winner of the 2014 Children’s and YA pitching competition at the NSW Writer’s Centre Kids and YA Festival.
Eleven years after his disappearance, Ginger Jones’s dad re-enters her life…via a note. His instructions are clear: find the blueprints for his matter transformation machine and return them. But Ginger has moved on, and it hasn’t been easy. If she’s going to risk the new life she’s made for herself, then her dad will have to do things her way.

The Sweet Taste of the Soul 50% (MG)

Anthony Chu hasn’t given much thought to why an astounding number of fairytale princesses have dead mothers, other than to feel a guilty pang of envy. Anthony’s mother is perfectly lovely, really she is. It’s just that she’s a little overprotective. Anthony isn’t allowed to eat nuts, eggs, tomatoes, strawberries, wheat, sweets, or anything toasted. He might be allergic to any one of those things, you see. He’d like to play soccer or ride a bike. He’d like to have a friend sleepover. He’d like to have a friend. More than anything, what Anthony truly craves, is an adventure. An ancient creature is about to offer it to him, but it will cost his mother’s soul.

Three Drops of Blood – A Goose Girl Retelling (YA)

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“I don’t expect anyone shall see my story, but it will be written. It must. I am not a ninny. I know how this story will be told.
How the bitter, plain face of the princess will grow ever fairer as the tale is passed down from generation to generation. How my dusky beauty will be buried beneath the hardened mask of a calculating shrew. And yes, I am beautiful, for the prince told me so. Not with words, but with the light in his eyes, the way he looped his fingers through mine on that first afternoon. What a disappointment our romance was destined to be.”