Playlist – 26th June 2014

I wasn’t writing today.  Instead, I spent the day painting our bathrooms, preparing to put the house on the market.  This particular job has been on the list for a while, because it’s fiddly.  Not quite in the realm of The Last Box to Be Packed*, but annoying enough due to all the bits and pieces we have to paint around (glass shelving, plumbing etc.)

The big surprise was that it actually turned out to be fun AND a great writing exercise. The rhythm of rolling paint onto the walls is really therapeutic (and also good for toning the arms).  That, and a few of my favourite songs playing on the laptop, gave my thoughts a chance to do something they’re almost always too busy to do.  Wander.  And muse.  And wander some more.

Inevitably, my thoughts took me back to my unhealthy obsession  – my husband’s buff body. Just kidding.  He’s not exactly buff, but he’s lovely all the same.  That’s not what I was thinking about though.  I was thinking about my MS.  Specifically, I was thinking about how my second chapter commences with a dream.  I’d just read another blog post (from Adventures in YA Publishing – here) where the top pet peeve for the opening chapter was – you guessed it – commencing with a dream.  It got me thinking.  My first chapter doesn’t start with a dream, but surely it can’t be good that the second one does…?  By the end of my painting experience, I’d resolved to find another way to introduce the backstory.  It’s something I may have ignored if I wasn’t blissing out today.

Now, here are some of the songs I was listening to when I had my moment of clarity:

Even though I’m a Woman – Seeker Lover Keeper

I Love It – Hilltop Hoods (featuring Sia)

Wild Horses – The Sundays

Off to the Races – Lana Del Rey


*You know the one I mean, don’t you?  The one you open ten years later and wonder why you’ve been carting around a loose pile of USB cables, outdated bills, phone chargers and random screws.  Or maybe that’s just us.

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