Books Read 2014 Part 1– the stats

When I started to think about the books I read in 2014, I realised there was too much to squeeze into one post. So this first post will focus purely on the stats and the next post will explore the fun stuff — the highlights and notable reads of 2014.

So here we go. In total, I commenced 39 books in 2014. Of these, I:

  • finished 32 books;
  • got distracted with 4 books with the intention of reading later;
  • got distracted with 1 book and feel ambivalent about revisiting;
  • have just commenced 2 books and should finish within this week or next.

On the whole I’m pretty happy with these stats. I read just before I fall asleep each night — sometimes it only takes a page or two — so finishing one book every 1.7 weeks isn’t bad. One thing apparent from these stats is that I’m easily distracted — if I’m reading one book and something bright and shiny comes along in the post or onto my Kindle, I have absolutely no qualms in leaving off the read-in-progress so I can get to the fun stuff. In most cases I do go back at a later date and finish the book, and some of my favourite reads of 2014 had a false start.  There was only one did-not-finish read that I’m unlikely to revisit and the reason why I know this is because it’s my third attempt at this book and there have been at least five years between attempts. Maybe it’s a case of three strikes and it’s out — I’ll tell you in five years’ time.

Now, if you’re like me and you love a good pie chart, it’s time to get excited. Here we go — the official breakdown of 2014 reads:


2015-01-04 13_42_58-Reading Stats 2014 Age Category




2015-01-04 13_43_39-Reading Stats 2014 Fiction_NonFiction2015-01-04 13_45_20-Reading Stats 2014 - Genre


Looking at the breakdown by age category, I was surprised to find the categories are evenly represented. It felt as though it was a huge Middle Grade year, but maybe that was just because I was thinking in a Middle Grade mindset. Contemporary was the winner in genre, closely followed by fantasy. Now for the really good stuff: the notable reads of 2014…

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