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Many moons ago, I posted a playlist defining Cam’s character arc, one of the two main-characters in my contemporary YA, Our Kind of Wonderful. At the time, I said I’d post Sticks’s playlist in the coming week or so (blog wisdom: don’t post you’re going to do something next week, unless you’re actually going to do it). With several other posts under my belt, I’m now coming back to poor Sticks (she’s always playing second fiddle).
As for Cam, I’ve built Sticks’s playlist around her own fictional music tastes. I picture Sticks listening to music that’s more alternative and edgy than she is. While Cam’s tastes run more mainstream, Sticks primarily listens to Australian Indie. At the beginning of her story, Sticks’s character is wrapped up in her comfort-blanket of family obligation and playing the role of protector for her older brother, Cam. Her list is aspirational – she’s looking for the courage to break out and gain a better understanding of who she truly is, the person she wants to be, and the kind of love she wants to find.
When I listen to these tunes, I’m right inside Sticks’s head – it’s like a conduit to her psyche. She’s the kind of person my fifteen-year-old self would want as a friend, although (like her best friend in the story) I might have fallen into the pattern of leaning on her more than she leaned on me. She gives the impression of having it all sorted. Everyone needs someone to lean on sometimes though. Sticks avoids risks by placing her loved ones’ emotional stakes higher than her own, but you can’t avoid conflict indefinitely…

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