Plan…D (or is it E)?

An old acquantaince once told me a joke: “How do you make God laugh?…Tell him your plans.” At the time I found the saying really annoying (I still do). Partly because my beliefs (and let’s not get into those), don’t extend to a God who would be so petty. But also, the phrase seems terribly defeatist. What does it mean? … Read More

Don’t Do Anything I Wouldn’t Do…

In my experience, one of the trickiest things to manage in terms of character development is the issue of morality. Unless the character is autobiographical, then at some point your character’s moral compass is going to shift from your own. Will they be more honourable than you? Will they do things you wouldn’t dream of doing, and if so, how … Read More

Finishing Touches — A Less Than Perfect Transformation

This project began over several dinners with a friend. It started as a vague tossed-around idea involving a plucky girl with an eccentric scientist father. The characters were estranged, thrown back into each others lives and somehow having to work out how to get along and rebuild their relationship. After many such dinners, my friend said: “When are you actually … Read More

How to lose characters and improve people

Time has been pretty tight this week.  My husband and I are planning a big overseas move and everything is happening at once.  In spite of my best intentions, I’ve had to let the blog lapse this week.  Every time I feel guilty, I remind myself it’s the blog or the MS. Because I am working on the MS.  I’m … Read More

The journey so far – part 2: how to interpret agent feedback

Sometime around November / December 2013, I looked at my MS and came to the decision that it was about as ready as I could possibly make it (without bringing in the professionals).  The question was: a) whether to seek that professional help straight away; or b) test the waters by querying some agents.  If they rejected me based on … Read More

The journey so far – part 1

Since the intention of this blog is to document my hopeful journey to publication, I’m going to start with a bit of background.  This is just in case I happen to receive a publishing offer tomorrow (in my dreams – la la la) and you think: Wow, that was fast!  How easy was that? When I left high school – … Read More