Timecapsule Post

After a lengthy blog hiatus (not a writing hiatus, more about that later…), I hopped on to find the draft entry below. It was a bit surreal to find a post listing all the things I was looking forward to in the UK, and the things I’d miss about Australia, especially since we’ve been living here for over two years. … Read More

If YA Novels Were Dogs…

Last night as I was falling asleep, I was trying to think of how I would describe my feelings toward the stack of YA novels I’ve read recently. For some reason — I think it was because I was hovering between dreamland and wakefulness — I started to think of them in terms of dog breeds. Yes! I thought in … Read More

Plan…D (or is it E)?

An old acquantaince once told me a joke: “How do you make God laugh?…Tell him your plans.” At the time I found the saying really annoying (I still do). Partly because my beliefs (and let’s not get into those), don’t extend to a God who would be so petty. But also, the phrase seems terribly defeatist. What does it mean? … Read More

About the Mushy Love Stuff

If I were a character in a movie, I’d be Jules from My Best Friend’s Wedding (minus the crazy wedding sabotage stuff). My husband says I’m the least sentimental person ever, and my friends openly insist I have more in common with the stereotypical male partner in a relationship. Both my husband and I have forgotten our wedding anniversary on … Read More

Australian Women Writers Challenge — The List

  At the beginning of the year I signed up for the AWW Challenge. It seemed like a good idea for the following reasons: 1) I’d be supporting the group of published authors I hope to one day join; 2) my stats at the end of last year were woeful in terms of Australian content; 3) having a more books … Read More

A Stitch in Time…

The first six chapters of my WIP were easy to write. I’m almost ashamed to admit how effortlessly the words poured onto the page. This is great, I thought. There was even a running shot at finishing NaNaWriMo. And then chapter seven happened. I take a hybrid approach to the plotting versus pantsing thing. I don’t want to know too … Read More

Australian Women Writers Challenge — Sign Me Up!

I was lucky enough to attend a few writing courses and conferences last year. In addition to stepping away from each experience feeling revved up and inspired, my To Be Read list grew by the dozen, and then some. Most of the books were by Australian women authors. The question I kept asking myself was: “Why don’t I read more … Read More

Books Read 2014 Part 1– the stats

When I started to think about the books I read in 2014, I realised there was too much to squeeze into one post. So this first post will focus purely on the stats and the next post will explore the fun stuff — the highlights and notable reads of 2014. So here we go. In total, I commenced 39 books … Read More

Mid-year wrap-up — Part 1

It was just over a year ago when I made a command decision. I had one completed MS and the basic outline for another four or five MSs rattling through my brain. I had recently resigned from my corporate, sixty to seventy hours a week, soul-sucking job and was taking some time out. “What do you want to do next?” … Read More

Playlist – 26th June 2014

I wasn’t writing today.  Instead, I spent the day painting our bathrooms, preparing to put the house on the market.  This particular job has been on the list for a while, because it’s fiddly.  Not quite in the realm of The Last Box to Be Packed*, but annoying enough due to all the bits and pieces we have to paint … Read More