The 2019 Outlook

The 2019 Outlook

Well a very belated hello New Year, how’s it going? What are we going to get up to, you and I? When I think about the possibilities, I can’t help but draw upon 2018 for reference, and that’s a little scary. It’s not that 2018 was personally bad or anything. In fact, looking back at the highlights reel, 2018 was … Read More

Sticks’s Playlist– Finally!


Many moons ago, I posted a playlist defining Cam’s character arc, one of the two main-characters in my contemporary YA, Our Kind of Wonderful. At the time, I said I’d post Sticks’s playlist in the coming week or so (blog wisdom: don’t post you’re going to do something next week, unless you’re actually going to do it). With several other … Read More

If Every Person with Autism was the Same…

…the world would be a pretty boring place. As I was gearing up to tackle the next hurdle on the road to publication, it occurred to me: my story could actually get out there. OUT THERE. IN PUBLIC. It’s both an exciting and scary prospect. The aspect of the story dearest to my heart (and therefore also the most terrifying) … Read More

When (two of) your Family Members are Published before you are

A couple of recent Royal Mail arrivals kicked off a round of excitement in our household. Before I start, I should say we’re not great with the old snail mail – most of our household admin is taken care of online – so if a letter doesn’t have the hallmark of ‘Important-looking Official Thing that Requires Immediate Attention’ or family … Read More

YA Extravaganza with David Levithan, Juno Dawson, Alice Oseman, Lucy Christopher and Simon James Green – 30th April 2018

YA extravaganza

One of the things I’ve discovered since throwing myself into the UK YA writers’ scene, is the Twitter hashtag #UKYA. Imagine my excitement when I saw a notification from Waterstones Piccadilly for a talk hosting David Levithan, Juno Dawson, Alice Oseman, Lucy Christopher, and Simon James Green. All for a fiver (check me and my Londoner-speak). It seemed too good … Read More

YA Shot Recap

YA Shot Recap

What is it?: In the words of the organisers themselves, “YA Shot is an author-run, author-led Young Adult and Middle Grade festival that raises the money and resources to run a year-long programme pairing libraries and schools for free author events to foster a love of reading, inspire a passion for writing, and encourage aspirations to careers in the Arts.” … Read More

London Writers’ Festival 28th October – YA Recap

Yesterday I woke up after having friends ‘round for dinner and debated whether I should trip it into London for the Saturday programme of the London Writers’ Festival YA weekend. I sat down and did a few hours of revision on my current MS. Part of me was feeling lazy after a late night, and just wanted to hang out … Read More

Our Kind of Wonderful: Music Part 1 — Cam’s Playlist

Recently the Beeb (BBC Radio 4) did an episode where they interviewed authors, and asked them to list their favourite writing music. I love this stuff – music is a huge thing for me and it’s so interesting to hear which songs inspired the books I love, or got the author through a painful drafting process, revisions etc. Sometimes the … Read More

Timecapsule Post

After a lengthy blog hiatus (not a writing hiatus, more about that later…), I hopped on to find the draft entry below. It was a bit surreal to find a post listing all the things I was looking forward to in the UK, and the things I’d miss about Australia, especially since we’ve been living here for over two years. … Read More

If YA Novels Were Dogs…

Last night as I was falling asleep, I was trying to think of how I would describe my feelings toward the stack of YA novels I’ve read recently. For some reason — I think it was because I was hovering between dreamland and wakefulness — I started to think of them in terms of dog breeds. Yes! I thought in … Read More